so here's some stuff that i really enjoy

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A button that says 'This site is also available as a CD-ROM' over a picture of four CDs. An animated gif of a coke can spinning in place at an angle. A button which says 'EMPTY CART AWARD' follwed by more text which says 'There is nothing for sale on this site'. An animated gif of a pink round creature, Kirby, walking to the right. An animated gif of a bunch of grapes spinning in place at an angle. A button that shows a long URL which reads as 'www. so my friend and i went on vacation to china and took a lot of cool pictures of buildings and people and animals and all sorts of wicked cool stuff so when i got back i had my cool pictures developed and put the on this'. An animated gif of a moon rotating through the sun-facing side to the shadowed side. An animated gif of a cartoon grey and white tabby cat from Neko Atsume playing with a ball. A bumper sticker showing a non-smoking sign with the text 'Thank you for not smoking at this blog'. A button with the words 'SELL OUT Site of the Month' with a picture of dollar bills. A button that says 'Site created with Notepad the right way' together with an icon of the Notepad program. A button that says 'Created with 100% unregistered shareware'.